Thanks for joining our community

We are so glad to have you with us! We hope to hear from you about what you want to learn more about, and who we should talk to.

As a welcome gift, we want to offer you the first download we have put together for you. We believe this can help you take reading with your kids to the next level, all by integrating verbal operants into your interactive reading. So please, print this out and put it in your favorite reading nook to refer to time and time again to help gauge where your child is at with understanding words and concepts and deepen that understanding! Be sure to listen to Episode 04: Development of Language with Sydnie Brinkerhoff for the background of this tool!

And, since we are friends and all now, we want to give you these bonus printable bookmarks as well. Because if you’re anything like us, we know you need to stop bending up those library books 😉 So print out a couple for each book you’ve got your nose in right now.

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