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Episode 33: How We Read with Jean and Mark Yockey One Page At a Time Podcast

The (first?) grandparent edition of How we read with Jean and Mark Yockey helps us all to gain the perspective of a parent who raised their kids on books and now read to their grandchildren as well – wherever in the world they are. This week we are joined by Jean and Mark Yockey, parents of our one and only Amanda! They wear so many hats, including educators, PhD holders, a nurse, an entrepreneur, and, what they joined us especially to talk about: grandparents! Books were always a huge part of their lives as they raised their family and the theme has carried on into their grandparenting. In this episode we talk about: 1. A little bit about how their family’s book collection evolved through the years, through many moves to new cities, states and homes and now as the kids have grown up, left home and started families of their own. 2. Their experiences being the parents of teenagers with different reading styles and interests. 3. The evolution of their experiences from parents to grandparents when it comes to reading.  “it’s different if you see somebody in a picture or on a computer screen, vs seeing them in person… After one story, though, then it’s like, ‘okay… I remember this and life is good.’” 4. What do they like about reading with their grandchildren? 5. Their experiences reading with one of their grandchildren who is on the Autism spectrum. “Books are a good way to introduce him to other things in the world that he is a little more reluctant to open up to.” 6. The benefits of revisiting a familiar or favorite book to help kids through concerns or difficult times. “There’s a fair amount of uncertainty and loss of structure [right now]..that we can’t control, but you can always go back and revisit the magic of your friends that are in books, even if you can’t see your real friends as much.” 7. How they juggle and manage to read to as many of their 7+ grandkids as possible at one time- both in person and virtually! “I don’t run around as much as I used to; I can’t keep up with them! It’s a good opportunity for me to sit down and relax and rejuvenate, too.” 8. What are some of their favorite things to read with their grandkids? 9. How they tailor their reading and discussion about books to their grandkids’ different ages. 10. Thoughts on how parents of adult children can help encourage their children to make books a part of their grandkids’ lives. We are so grateful to Mark and Jean for taking the time to talk with us!  In this How We Read with Jean and Mark Yockey we mentioned: The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone Mercer Mayer (author of the Little Critter series) The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain  Go Dog Go! by P. D. Eastman Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman Robot Bot Bot by Fernando Krahn Llama Llama (series) by Anna Dewdney Never Let a Unicorn Scribble!   by Diane Alber You may be interested in: Episode 29: Bringing out the best in princesses and superheroes We talk about how to discuss books with our children – and when those books have something you don't like in it.
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