Episode 10: Reading for the Holidays

Episode 10: Reading for the Holidays

Jill and Amanda, hosts of One Page at a Time, take a break from our usual interview and instead bring you a few tips to keep your family reading over the many holidays being celebrated all over the world this time of year.

In this episode we talk about:

Tip one: When you read for yourself, let your kids know what and that you are reading, and then tell them about what you read!

Tip two: Choose a designated adult/older child to read aloud for the entertainment while everyone is working in the kitchen.

Tip three: If you struggle remembering to have your kids read when they are off of school, set aside family reading time and do it all together.

Tip four: Turn reading from a solitary activity to a group activity with book clubs, competitions, talent shows of who does the best voices when reading picture books, or other incentives.

Bonus: We know there are plenty of you who will be spending the holidays catching up on the show The Crown. If you, like us, love that show, then we have put together a list of books you just might enjoy as well! Check it out our website (LINK) and happy reading!

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