World Read aloud day competition

World Read aloud day competition

We are learning just how important reading aloud is for everything from cognitive growth to emotional development. With something as all-encompassing as this activity is, Jill and Amanda are encouraging you to celebrate World Read Aloud Day on February 5, 2020. We hope you can use this opportunity to jump start some new habits, refresh some old, or feel camaraderie for the important work you’re already doing for those you love.

Please join us for a 48-hour read aloud competition blitz, and you may even win 2 books as a reward!

How to participate:

Take pictures, screenshots, or videos as proof of completion for the tasks. Upload them onto your social media channel of choice: Facebook or Instagram and tag them with #onepagepodcast AND #readaloudday if you comment on one of our social media posts, you don’t need to tag us. We will know you left it there.

1 additional bonus point awarded each time you:

Tag the author as well in any post

Tag your local library or teacher

Tag a friend

Not on social media? Send us your pictures in an email to

Each entry will be tallied with the points assigned. There is no limit to how many times you do each task! We ask that you adhere to the honor system and stay within February 5th and 6th in your respective timezone, as this is a global competition.

We will count up the points, and the winner will get 2 free books!

The challenge:

We have grouped the tasks into 3 different, completely arbitrary categories. The points are similarly rather arbitrary.

Reading Aloud at home

1 – picture of a book you read together

1 – picture of your current read

1 – picture of you or your child’s favorite book

1 – picture of your favorite bookmark

1 – picture of your printed copy of the Everyday Reading 2020 reading log

1 – screenshot of your goodreads account

1 – picture of any books you’re donating from your home library as you weed out your collection

1 – your home bookcase or book stash

2 – picture of you making a bookmark together

2 – picture of you in the act of reading together

3 – picture or video of you or your child making a book interactive, by acting it out, doing a puppet show, using a flannel or story board, etc.

3 – video clip of you reading a book together

3 – video clip of you reading aloud with your spouse/another adult

3 – picture of reading aloud to an elderly parent or family member

Reading Aloud in public

1 – picture of listening to audiobook in the car

2 – Picture of you signing up for a community reading program, such as Reading with Dogs

3 – picture of you or a family member reading aloud to someone in the hospital

5 – Picture of you attending a readaloud at your local library

5 – Picture of reading aloud in a nursing home

5 – Picture of you doing a reading at your local school or your child’s school (classroom or library)

7 – Video of you attending a readaloud at your local library

7 – Video of you doing a reading at your local school or your child’s school (classroom or library)

7 – Video of you reading aloud in a nursing home

Spread the word

1 – Screenshot of your Audible account

2 – tag a friend in a comment on any One Page at a Time post

3 – picture of any book mentioned in our podcast in your collection

3 – Sign up for a library card

3 – Screenshot of a One Page at a Time episode downloaded onto your device

3 – Screenshot of your Libby account

5 – picture of donating a book to your library, school, or charity

5 – picture of you or your family member signing up to volunteer at your library

5 – Screenshot of an episode graphic of picture with a favorite thing you learned from that episode

5 – Screenshot of you subscribed to One Page at a Time (the podcast, or our website)

10 – print off a poster from this selection and post it in your local library or school* not an option in the UAE yet, but we will award points if your family member shares for you somewhere else!

10 – Review One Page at a Time podcast on Apple Podcast or Stitcher

More bonus points!

10 – Share any of the graphics on this page on your social media with the hashtags or a screenshot of you emailing this page before February 5th and get 10 early bird points!

We are excited to see all the fun ways you will be reading aloud for our World Read Aloud Day competition. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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