Episode 32: How did a dyslexic become an author,.?!

Episode 32: How did a dyslexic become an author,.?!

Just how does a dyslexic become an author of a series of picture books teaching language and grammar rules to children? Kimberlee Gard shares her story with us.

Episode 32: How did a dyslexic become an author with Kimberlee Gard

This week we are joined by children’s book author Kimberlee Gard, who is an inspiration for anyone who has a loved one who struggles with reading or is experiencing the struggle themselves. Growing up with dyslexia, she, in her own words, “spent her childhood running from books instead of reading them.” As time went on, she gained the tools and skills she needed to not only unlock the joy of books, but has become the author of them! She has written several picture books and is passionate about the power that books have to change children- especially ones who may not follow the same path to a love of reading that their peers might.. 

In this episode we talk about:

1. What it was like for her growing up with dyslexia and not being able to read by herself until she was about ten years old.

“That really set me apart and way behind my peers…it makes you feel different; it makes you struggle with who you are.”

2. A few of the tools that Kimberlee learned along the way in her journey of learning how to read and form a positive relationship with reading and writing.

“It can change a child’s life to be encouraged by focusing where their attributes are instead of where their struggles are.”

3. How her struggle reading actually helped to turn her into a storyteller and led to her writing career and how it affects her writing today.

“I think that struggles can sometimes become a gift, and I know that is true for me.”

4. Why Kimberlee decided to write a children’s book about punctuation of all things!

“The majority of the time, punctuation is not taught until children are far past the initial stages of reading and because of this, children have to go back and relearn how to use punctuation or they just discount it and don’t use it at all!”

5. How her “Learning is Fun” book series was born out of her desire to focus on where she struggled as a kid and create tools to help other children.

In How Did a Dyslexic Become an Author,.?! we mention:

We are so grateful to Kimberlee for taking the time to talk with us! More information about her and her books can be found in the following places:




Kimberlee’s website

Books we mentioned:

The Mighty Silent e! by Kimberlee Gard

The Little i Who Lost His Dot by Kimberlee Gard

Karma Wilson (author)

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