Book Recommendations from Some of our Favorites

Book Recommendations from Some of our Favorites

Go here for a list of the best book recommendations from some of our favorites; websites, bookstagrammers, and more.

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for a book for someone, whether it’s yourself or someone you know. Birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah, Ramadan, and other holidays are the perfect opportunity to gift books, but how do you choose books for those on your list? We’ve compiled some of our favorite sources for great book recommendations. We promise you’ll find plenty of the best options from these wonderful people who know books like the backs of their hands.

Be sure also to look at our recommendation lists if you have a princess or superhero fan on your list, no matter their age!

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Picture books

Children’s Lit Love- 


Instagram: @childrenslitlove

One Page at a Time Episode:

The Book Report-

After having her recommended to us in several different interviews, we knew we needed to check out Michelle from The Book Report. Her book reviews focus on the younger age levels and is a very popular source for book ideas and information!



Juvenile Fiction/Middle Grade

We Are Teachers- this is a website of all kinds of resources for teachers, so while you may have to hunt a little for their book recommendation lists, they are well worth the effort when you find them. 


Instagram: @weareteachers

Everyday Reading- Janssen actually has amazing recommendations and reviews for many different reading levels (including adult!), but her JF/Middle grade sections are particularly rich. If your reading style ends up meshing with hers, this site is a wealth of book ideas!


Instagram: @everydayreading

One Page at a Time Episode:

Young Adult

Brightly: Like Everyday Reading, this site actually has recommendations for many different reading levels, but we have been particularly impressed with their YA selections. YA is such a tricky category to navigate, so sometimes we need all the help we can get with these books!


Instagram: @readbrightly


Professional Book Nerds-

A podcast run by two actual professional book nerds (co hosts who both work for OverDrive, the company we have to thank for the Libby app). Every week they give us several “expert book recommendations.” They live and breathe books and we can reap the benefits of their hard work!


Instagram: @probooknerds

One Page at a Time Episode:


Here Wee Read-


Instagram: @hereweeread

Books for Diversity-


Instagram: @booksfordiversity

First Name Basis- 


Instagram: @firstname.basis

Book Recommendations from some of Our Favorites

There are few things that can bring joy quite like a well-composed book recommendation list when you are at a loss for your (or your kids’ or your classroom’s) next read. Both of us have other people’s efforts to thank for some of our favorite books in the past few years, not to mention our kids’ favorites! While we love to bring you book recommendations ourselves, we also know that there are so many people out there already doing such a wonderful job that the best gift we can give you this holiday season will be to bring you together with all of these amazing resources! We will break them down into several categories so you can hopefully find exactly what you need (book-wise!) and get straight to the fun part- reading!

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